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About Us
  Where They Shop is a privately held company run by three gals and a guy from Texas. The site is intended to be a light-hearted escape from your busy lives. It's pretty simple. We're not trying to overwhelm you with too much information. Our blog posts are short, simple, and have lots of pictures (kind of like the books I read). You don't need to login or download anything.

Both sites (Where He Shops & Where She Shops) feature all kinds of stores, products, brands and designers, all vying for your attention. We update daily, so come back as often as possible.

We don’t make or sell any of the products featured on either site, and we have nothing to gain if you buy anything. We just want to show you the latest and greatest in trendy fashion and other cool products. Our success is strictly based on the value we bring our merchants by putting their products in front of our visitors. Rest assured the integrity of this site is important to us. We would never post crappy product just to make a buck.

Most of the celebrity content is brought to you by the popular bloggers on the Internet, and we’d like to thank them for providing all the details from a world most of us can only dream about. If you want to read more, we link you directly to their respective sites.

Where They Shop is always evolving, therefore we’d love to hear any suggestions you might have for us. We have some new ideas in mind, and we’d like to tweak them to serve you best. If there’s a site or a product out there that we need to see, please send us a link.

Additionally, should you have any celebrity photos that we need to see, please send them, and we'll make sure you're given proper credit on the site.

While the celebrity bloggers opinions are strictly their own, we like to think that this site is celebrity friendly. If you're a celebrity and want something removed from our site, just let us know, and we're happy to accommodate.

We sincerely appreciate you visiting, and we hope that you’ll come back soon.

Eva, Samantha, Stacie and James


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